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"Historic Preservation is about managing change, not preventing it."
Linda Dishman, L.A. Conservancy, quoted from L.A. Times, 07.10.10

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Gallery 4 - miscellaneous & county photos

We need your old photos! These images were scanned from photos donated or loaned to the Conservancy and scanned for all to see. Old papers and photos of San Buenaventura from the 1800's to the 1960's are priceless and can be scanned and returned, or safely stored in our fireproof archive.

Ventura Avenue Panorama, courtesy J. Bowers Photo (ca. ??)

View from Ventura Courthouse, courtesy J. Bowers Photo (ca. ??)

Mission Bell Motel, ca. ??

Ojai Arcade, ca. ??

Ventura Hotel ca. 1940

El Caballo (Ventura jail)

Ventura from the Cross, date unknown

Ventura before Highway 101 bisected it, ca. 1950s

Pt Hueneme Lighthouse, ca. ??

Pt Hueneme 1940s

Oil well with Pier Postcard ca. 1950s

Downtown Ojai mid-century

Oxnard 1908

Oxnard 1950

The Plaza in Oxnard, ca. ??

Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory (town namesake)

Ventura horse-drawn street car

The Dudley House, east Ventura

1877 "aerial drawing"

Olivas Adobe

Another shot of the Olivas Adobe

Port Hueneme Pier and bathing beauties

Port Hueneme Lighthouse

Olivas Adobe courtyard

Camarillo State Hospital

Ventura Causeway

B Street, Oxnard (1940s?)

B Street, Oxnard and fire (1940s?)

McDaniel's Market, Oxnard

Oxnard Christmas Parade (1940-1950s?)

Wagon Wheel Motel

Wagon Wheel Motel tour (Oxnard Cultural Heritage Board)

The Wagon Wheel at night

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